1. Vacation Rental Owners, Are You Ready For Holiday Vacationers?

    It may not even feel like fall, given the temperate temperatures we enjoy all year here in Panama City Beach, but Christmas is right around the corner! In other parts of the country, that means freezing winds and an abundance of snow—and a craving for warmer weather. We live in a pretty prime place for vacationers to flock to, which means that if you prepare properly, you could stand to make som…Read More

  2. Keyless Entry Risks: Protecting Your Vehicle

    Keyless entry systems add a level of convenience to both homes and vehicles that make us wonder how we managed to get by without them. After all, how nice is it to be able to click a button or enter a code to open a door? From a purely convenient standpoint, keyless entry is great for those days that we try to carry too many things at once and don’t have time to dig through bags to find keys—o…Read More

  3. What to do When a Keyless Entry Isn’t Working

    How often have you had to call a locksmith out to your home (or an auto locksmith out to your car) because you inadvertently left your keys at home or locked them somewhere unreachable? For so many people across the country, keyless entry and keyless ignition vehicles have become a blessing because you can simply toss your keys into your purse or pocket and get going. Well, if you’re one of thos…Read More

  4. Keyless Entry and Other Business Security

    Whether you own a restaurant, a small tax filing service, or a high-tech startup, your business needs protection beyond that of a standard residential residence. A properly installed deadbolt, particularly when accompanied by a home security system, is a great way to keep your family and your home goods safe. However, most businesses call for a higher level of security than even that. If you own a…Read More

  5. Hairpin Lock Picking – Is it Possible?

    How many movies, spy or otherwise, have you seen a femme fatale pull a hairpin from her intricate updo to open the door to a restricted area? This movie trope feels like it’s so overdone and, with the technology available today, can make a movie feel outdated if it’s not done well. But that does beg the question: how much of that is movie hype and how much of that is fiction? Read on to learn …Read More

  6. Keyless Entry Types

    In our Destin Locksmithing blogs, we’ve mentioned a time or two all the myriad uses for keyless entry, as well as the benefits they can bring to your home, vacation rental, or business. As a quick refresher, keyless entry locks are, generally speaking, a replacement for both knob and deadbolt (or just the deadbolt) and require a passcode or a specific series of button pushing to be permitted ent…Read More

  7. Insurance and Other Protection for your Vacation Rental

    Owning a vacation rental in Florida seems like the ideal. You get a full-sized, spacious home that is all yours to do with as you choose and, as an added bonus, you can make extra money by renting it out when you aren’t using it! It feels like a win-win, right? While owning a vacation rental may be awesome for building happy family memories and earning some extra money, it’s not quite as strai…Read More

  8. Is Your House a Smart Home?

    Often, when most of us think of futuristic technology, we think about old shows like The Jetsons, in which everything is automated, the flying car folds down into a briefcase, and a full Thanksgiving dinner, complete with roast turkey, can be rehydrated from one small capsule. In such a technologically advanced age, there is so much we can do at the tips of our fingers with a smartphone or a table…Read More

  9. How Keyless Entry Works

    One of the most interesting recent features developed for new cars recently was the advent of keyless entry and keyless ignition. In new cars, physical keys have become a backup measure in case the battery in the key fob dies, not to actually allow entry or start a car. It sounds a little bit like something out of The Jetsons. Given that they are more secure and make life easier, doesn’t it make…Read More

  10. Keyless Entry For Your Vacation Home

    We know it’s a bit cliche, but Florida has gained the reputation as a vacationer’s paradise for a reason! We have gorgeous beaches, delicious restaurants, and plenty of attractions to enjoy whether you’re in Panama City Beach, Destin, or elsewhere. Of course, with the advent of websites like VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner) and AirBnB, it’s easier than ever to quickly and painlessly run a r…Read More