1. How Effective Are Home Security Systems, Really?

    Home security is something that’s probably always a concern, at least distantly, for any homeowner. After all, that’s where loved ones sleep soundly and treasured possessions are stored for safekeeping. Because our homes are the primary defense for both people and things of importance, every door, window, and lock matters. At Destin Locksmith, we understand that your home’s security is a pri…Read More

  2. Does a Monitored Home Security System Matter?

    Every time the news reports on a home robbery, a car break-in, a string of vandalism in the area, and so on, it’s easy to let worry seep in. Given how often the nightly news focuses on all that’s going wrong, not what’s going well, it can be immensely easy to get overwhelmed by levels of worry that just keep rising. And when worry threatens to overwhelm, so many of us often give in to a stro…Read More

  3. Is Your Lock Secure? 5 Tips for Preventing Lock Bumping

    When it comes to lock security, just about any lock that requires a key—and many that don’t—can easily become a target for opportunists and thieves. And thanks to online stores, it can be easy to discreetly acquire a lock picking kit or the tools necessary for lock bumping. At Destin Locksmithing, our aim is to help you protect your Panama City Beach or Destin home. Here are a few ways you c…Read More

  4. Choosing Which Home Security System to Buy

    When it comes to home security, you want to keep your loved ones, your pets, and all your treasured memories as safe as possible. An average of two million break-ins happen a year, according to the Bureau of Justice, which means there is ample reason to do what you can to protect your home. As we discussed in a previous blog, home security systems are a great way to protect your home for multiple …Read More

  5. Keeping your Home Safe While on Vacation

    When you go on vacation, the idea, generally, is to enjoy every minute of your time and relax as much as possible. Right? For most, vacations are planned to enjoy quality time with family or friends, to experience somewhere new, and to let the stressors of work melt into a little mental pile you can sweep up and throw away. If you spend the entirety of your vacation worrying about something awful …Read More

  6. Are Home Security Cameras Worth It?

    If you run a quick internet search, you can probably find myriad editorial articles in which homeowners expound on why home security systems are or are not worth the price you pay. With so many opinions, it can be hard to wade through to the facts. So, before you take the word of the first search result you find, see how these statistics weigh in to help you decide whether installing a home securi…Read More

  7. Is Your Vacation Rental Ready for Spring Break?

    As we approach March, that means countless tourists, college students, and other beachgoers are on their way to enjoy as much of the Florida sun and fun as possible. If you’re a part-time resident, or even just plan to go away to do a bit of traveling yourself, now is the time to make sure your Panama City Beach home is ready to rent out before your guests arrive. The first step, of course, is t…Read More

  8. How Home Security Systems Work

    According to statistics put out by the FBI, the average annual burglary count every year is more than two million. This is unlawful entry into a structure to commit a crime, so that includes vehicles, homes, businesses, and more. Even split between so many different subheadings of different structures, that’s a lot of theft each year! Anyone who has been burglarized can tell you that, even if yo…Read More

  9. How to Protect Your Home From Burglars

    Picture this: It’s been a long day at work, you’re mentally worn and more than ready to just throw together dinner and unwind for an hour or two before bed. Whether you work retail and are run ragged every day or sit at a desk and puzzle your way through spreadsheets of numbers, work can be exhausting! Think how much worse that could be if you came home to discover your home was broken into, t…Read More