1. Unexpected Services a Locksmith Does

    It happens to all of us at one time or another - you’re running late, turn the lock on the doorknob, and rush to work before you’re counted tardy. It’s not until getting home that night that you realize your house keys are sitting just inside the door on their handy little hook. Or, even worse, you pull that locked door shut and go to lock the deadbolt only to realize you didn’t grab the h…Read More

  2. Spring Break Snafus: Avoid Calling The Locksmith!

    Have you ever experienced that feeling of being totally out of sorts for no good reason? It crops up at the most unexpected (and inconvenient) times like, for example, when you’re standing in the airport security line. You can run through your mental tally of everything you need: ID, wallet, car keys, suitcase, easy to remove shoes. Yet, even as you stand there waiting, you find yourself growing…Read More

  3. How Locksmithing Works

    When you lock yourself out of your house or apartment accidentally, your first thought is probably to check and see if you happened to leave a window open or if you can somehow climb that trellis to reach your second story patio and go in the back door. If you didn’t accidentally leave a window unlocked - and for home security’s sake, we hope you didn’t! - don’t try to strongarm your way i…Read More

  4. Winter Vacation Safety Tips

    Here in Destin, we love our beaches and warm weather. That’s why we live here, after all. But every once in awhile, you may feel the need for a bit of a change. While all the cold-weather folks are flocking to Florida for their winter vacation, do the opposite and take your family to experience snow over Christmas for a fun change of pace. Snowy destinations like Colorado are beautiful, and that…Read More

  5. Welcome to the Destin Locksmithing Blog!

    Locks are important! Despite their small size, they can have a big impact. They’re the way you keep your belongings, family, employees, and structures safe, but they are often overlooked until something goes wrong. The locks on your home or business can have a major impact on security; yes, even more than a security camera system! Don’t wait until you accidentally get locked out to give us a c…Read More