1. Locksmith Near Me: Searching Out Trustworthy Services

    When you call a locksmith, you are inevitably granting them access to your keys and locks, the primary guardians of your home, your car, or your business. That’s a lot of trust to place in a stranger you find by going online and searching “locksmith near me.” Reviews and testimonials can be a good way to set your mind at ease, but not all locksmiths have a website, even in the internet age, …Read More

  2. Auto Locksmith Answers: Opening a Locked Car Without Keys

    Most of us have locked our keys in the car at least once in our life—or maybe had a toddler help us lose the keys under a seat. And, if you’ve ever done an internet search for something like “locked keys in car” or “pop a lock,” you’ve seen how many options there are that promise to get you into your vehicle quickly, easily, and without the help of an auto locksmith. Of course, if yo…Read More

  3. How Locks Are Picked: Home Security Tips From The Pros

    Home is where the heart is, or so the saying goes. But it’s also the place most of us consider the safest for ourselves and our families, as well as where all of your treasured memories and valuables are kept. So of course one of the questions locksmiths get asked time and time again is, “How do we make our home safer?” Of course, a high-tech, monitored home security system is a great way to…Read More

  4. Business Security: Protecting Your Store and Assets

    Home is usually where we keep the things most valuable to us—whether it’s priceless art, precious memories, or anything in between. And since so many valuable things get stored at home, we all make an effort to secure our homes as best as possible. Now think about the number of assets you have at your business. Are you making the same level of effort to protect your business and all the assets…Read More

  5. Let’s Talk Transponders: How Car Locks Work

    The remote keyless entry system for cars has been a standard feature for almost 30 years, long enough that it’s hard to imagine our lives without this convenience. Think about it for a moment - how often have you beeped your key fob at your car through a window or across the parking lot because you forgot to lock the doors? In the more modern iterations, you don’t even need to turn a key in th…Read More

  6. History of Love Locks

    Through the centuries, humanity has come up with myriad ways to show our love for one another. We have stacks upon stacks of poetry from writers through the ages striving to put down just the right combination of words to describe their love and convey the depth of their emotions. There are lengthy novels all about the extraordinary love story between two seemingly ordinary individuals. There are …Read More

  7. Debunking The “Do Not Duplicate” Myth

    In your lifetime, you’ve probably seen at least one key stamped “Do Not Duplicate” or “No Replications.” They are most prevalent for key sets handed out by property managers or rental companies for apartments or other rental properties. And, unfortunately for renters, those companies like to charge an arm and a leg to replace a misplaced key, even if it was something accidental like your…Read More

  8. Changing Car Locks

    If you’re a homeowner, you probably know the value of having your home’s locks rekeyed by a professional locksmith before you move in. If you purchased a previously-owned home, there’s no way of knowing how many relatives or family friends were given keys to the place you now live, so rekeying the locks is an easy fix. Even if it’s a brand new home, you don’t know how many contractors or…Read More

  9. Why Hire a Locksmith?

    Even after buying that shiny new lockpicking kit off the internet - which you may want to avoid because it’s only questionably legal in most states - to try to crack open that old safe you have. It may be fun to bring out your inner lockpicking-spy, but this isn’t the movies and most of us lack the skills necessary to open a door with lock picks, let alone something harder to crack, like that …Read More

  10. Preventing Car Break-Ins

    It can happen any time. Maybe you need to just pop into the post office to drop off a package. The postage is already paid, printed, and the box sealed, so you’re in the building for maybe three minutes, tops. No matter how quickly you just “pop into the store real fast,” that can still be more than enough time for a burglar to be in and out of your car and long gone with your valuables (or …Read More