Level up your security and harness the protection of Oracode. This top brand of keyless entry lock systems is ideal for condos, cabins, vacation homes, corporate facilities, and more!

Why Choose Oracode?

As an electronic keyless lock, Oracode provides owners and rental managers the security and convenience of accessing properties through a variety of devices including computers, smartphones, and tablets.

The Oracode keyless lock system records every transaction to heighten safety and accountability. If you have a property that requires a keyless solution to create hassle-free check-ins, Oracode is the perfect solution.

Choose from a variety of Oracode keyless entry system options including:

  • Oracode 660i
  • Oracode 480i

Oracode Product Details

  • Effortless Installation
  • Improved Security
  • Access To 128 Users
  • Remote Access
  • No More Keys