Destin Locksmithing, Inc is pleased to offer the Oracode 660K Keyless Entry lock and the new 460K Deadbolt Keyless Entry lock from Kaba Ilco. These models are based off of their earlier version the Oracode 4400. The new 660K and 460k keyless entry locks offer more features as well as an increased warranty.

What is it?

The Oracode Keyless Entry locks are a rental property management dream. This unit is made for an individual owner that rents one unit or for management companies that have up to 1,000 units. It is a stand alone keyless entry lock that does not require any wires or a wireless remote. The lock is powered by three Alkaline AA batteries that last an average of 2 years.

The electronic door lock works with an internet website that creates a unique access code for each user. You can create immediate or future access codes to your rental property keyless entry system at any time. You can also audit the digital door lock, up to your last 1,000 entries, directly from the lock itself.

You sign onto a website to create codes anywhere you have access to the Internet. Once you put in your own username and password, you now are able to create your codes. You pick which door you’d like to create a code for, then which user you’d like to make a code for (guest, vendor, housekeeper, etc.) and then pick the dates you’d like that code to work for and there you go, you have a code! Codes for your electric door locks can be created in 30 seconds. The codes work as soon as they are created if you choose, no waiting around. There is no programming once the keyless lock is installed.

Oracode Benefits for the User

  • No need to make arrangements to meet guests, codes can be given verbally, by fax, or by email
  • Time-specific code based on arrival date and expires upon guest departure
  • Guest check-in is not required as there are no keys to pick-up or drop-off for the keyless door lock

A Difference!

As a locksmith we see many different locks out on the market today and I’ve come across many different keyless entry locks. Unlike other keyless deadbolt systems, with this lock you don’t have to worry about slide cards demagnetizing or having to mail keys out. You don’t have to worry about keys not working and spending the money on us, your Destin area locksmith, to come out there and fix your lock. You have the knowledge and security that you know who is entering your rental unit and that you can audit everyone that has entered your unit. Yes, they do make less expensive keyless entry locks but I do not recommend them on rental properties. Yes, other electronic door locks may be fine on your own home, but on rental properties you need a commercial lock to take the abuse and heavy usage from rental guests.

A Comfort of Knowing!

Yes we are a locksmith, which is an advantage when you buy from us. We are Kaba Ilco certified professional installers. We will be the ones setting up your account, training you, and installing your keyless entry lock. You don’t have to worry about working with several companies to get your keyless door lock going. We do installations of the Oracode locks throughout the Florida Gulf Coast area. If you want to have a lock installed in another area, we can help find a locksmith near you to install this lock or help you over the phone with the installation. Since we are a mobile locksmith, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency technical support, which is something you won’t find many other companies offering. The lock comes with a 2 year mechanical and a 2 year finish warranty.

Oracode Pricing!

Individual Homeowners/Rental Companies with less than 15 locks:

· 1 Lock $549.00 each
· 2 – 4 Locks $539.00 each
· 5 – 9 Locks $525.00 each
· 10+ Locks $495.00 each
· Kaba Access Fee $19.95/month per lock
(Kaba Access Fee is billed annually.)
· Installation Prices 660K Installations are $60 and 460K Installations are $45 plus a Service Call to your location.
· We carry most locks in stock and they can be installed or shipped in 1 – 3 business days. Please call us at 850.654.9910 or fill out the following form to place an order.
· Pricing for Rental Management Companies need to contact Nicholas for pricing at 850.654.9910.