1. History of Love Locks

    Through the centuries, humanity has come up with myriad ways to show our love for one another. We have stacks upon stacks of poetry from writers through the ages striving to put down just the right combination of words to describe their love and convey the depth of their emotions. There are lengthy novels all about the extraordinary love story between two seemingly ordinary individuals. There are …Read More

  2. Debunking The “Do Not Duplicate” Myth

    In your lifetime, you’ve probably seen at least one key stamped “Do Not Duplicate” or “No Replications.” They are most prevalent for key sets handed out by property managers or rental companies for apartments or other rental properties. And, unfortunately for renters, those companies like to charge an arm and a leg to replace a misplaced key, even if it was something accidental like your…Read More

  3. Why Hire a Locksmith?

    Even after buying that shiny new lockpicking kit off the internet - which you may want to avoid because it’s only questionably legal in most states - to try to crack open that old safe you have. It may be fun to bring out your inner lockpicking-spy, but this isn’t the movies and most of us lack the skills necessary to open a door with lock picks, let alone something harder to crack, like that …Read More

  4. Spring Break Snafus: Avoid Calling The Locksmith!

    Have you ever experienced that feeling of being totally out of sorts for no good reason? It crops up at the most unexpected (and inconvenient) times like, for example, when you’re standing in the airport security line. You can run through your mental tally of everything you need: ID, wallet, car keys, suitcase, easy to remove shoes. Yet, even as you stand there waiting, you find yourself growing…Read More