How often have you had to call a locksmith out to your home (or an auto locksmith out to your car) because you inadvertently left your keys at home or locked them somewhere unreachable? For so many people across the country, keyless entry and keyless ignition vehicles have become a blessing because you can simply toss your keys into your purse or pocket and get going. Well, if you’re one of those people who relies on your keyless ignition to keep from calling the auto locksmith every few weeks, why haven’t you invested in a keyless entry system for your home?


If you’ve been keeping up with the Destin Locksmithing blog, you’ve probably noticed that we’re big fans of keyless door locks. With a keyless deadbolt, you can ditch your house keys and keep your home just as safe as it is with a traditional deadbolt – if not safer! However, as with most technology, there is some small chance that things can go wrong. If you have a keyless entry system, or you’re thinking of investing in one, here’s what you need to know about potential problems:

Battery Power

As with so many electronic items, keyless door locks only work as well as their power source. Fortunately, this is the most common issue to face with keyless entry systems and it’s a pretty easy fix. When you call your local locksmith to get your keyless entry system installed, ask them to show you how to change the battery. Your locksmith should also be able to give you guidance about how long your keyless door lock’s battery should last (for most, you’re looking at a range of 3 to 5 years between replacements). In addition, most keyless deadbolts offer a light or signal of some sort when the battery is running low so you don’t have to worry about coming home to a dead door lock. If you’ve recently replaced the battery in your keyless entry system and it’s already giving you the low-battery signal, call your locksmith to come check your system as there may be a manufacturer’s defect affecting your system – though, thankfully, the instances of this happening are very few and far between.


Dead Locks

The other big thing that can affect how well your keyless deadbolt is functioning is it’s connection to the internet, if applicable. Many keyless entry systems connect to the internet via wifi so you can change codes and see access logs remotely. However, you may see problems if your internet connection goes down. If this is a concern for you, be sure to ask your locksmith what the keyless entry’s default response to a lack of connection is. Generally, a short-term lack of connection isn’t a problem as it will continue functioning as normal with the already-programmed codes.


If you’re ready to get a keyless entry system installed on your home or vacation rental and ditch those keys, call Destin Locksmithing! Our expert team can give you guidance on which keyless deadbolt will be best for your needs and get everything installed for you. Schedule your installation today!