When you go on vacation, the idea, generally, is to enjoy every minute of your time and relax as much as possible. Right? For most, vacations are planned to enjoy quality time with family or friends, to experience somewhere new, and to let the stressors of work melt into a little mental pile you can sweep up and throw away. If you spend the entirety of your vacation worrying about something awful happening to your home, you miss out on all that relaxing and enjoyment! Before you leave on your next vacation, try these tips to keep your home safe:


Hire a Ghost

Okay, we don’t actually mean you should hunt down a ghost to haunt your home for the duration of your vacation. However, one of the best things you can do for your home while you’re on vacation is to make it look like you haven’t left. Remember to put a hold on your mail and newspaper or ask a neighbor to grab it. A pile of papers at the end of your driveway is like a neon sign inviting burglars to ransack your home. In addition, if you’ll be gone a while, hire someone to come by and care for your yard.


One of the other common tips is to invest in light switch timers or sensors. The downside here is that a timer going on at the same time every day is a pretty good clue you aren’t actually home. A better way to make it look like someone is home is to invest in light switches you can set up on an alternating schedule. Or, better yet, invest in light switches you can activate remotely online or on an app on your phone. While you’re at it, a sound system you can turn on and off remotely and set to talk radio may help give the impression you’re home when you aren’t.

Bolster Protections

When you leave your home for vacation, it’s commonplace to do an extra-thorough check to make sure everything is locked up. This is an excellent start! However, an even better measure to deter home burglars is to make it apparent your home is protected. As we discussed in a previous blog, a home with an obviously working home security system greatly increases the odds a burglar will give your home a miss in exchange for an easier target.


With modern home security system options, you can also get a great level of peace of mind. Thanks to wifi capabilities, most modern home security systems give you the capability to check up on your home remotely either through a website or a mobile app. Many of these wifi-connected home security systems also give you the ability to control lights, adjust the temperature, and turn appliances off or on so you can better make your home look like it’s still inhabited.


Bolster your home’s security before your next vacation. Contact Destin Locksmithing online or give us a call to install a home security system to keep your home safe and monitored while you’re gone!