When it comes to home security, you want to keep your loved ones, your pets, and all your treasured memories as safe as possible. An average of two million break-ins happen a year, according to the Bureau of Justice, which means there is ample reason to do what you can to protect your home. As we discussed in a previous blog, home security systems are a great way to protect your home for multiple reasons – in fact, in many instances, just the presence of a home security system was enough to steer a burglar away from a home and, sometimes, even deterred them from breaking in to neighboring homes. If you’re thinking about getting an alarm system installed in your home, the biggest battle is wading through all the options to choose which will best benefit your home. If you’re unsure which option will suit your home best, start with these options:


Connected Cameras

Part of what makes home security systems so successful is how visible they are to burglars. A home with sensors on the windows and doors will be more likely to drive away an opportunistic thief. Video cameras are an even more obvious home protection device than those little sensors on the doors and windows. In addition, most wifi enabled home security cameras come with the added bonus of allowing you to check up on your home from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.


Home Automation

How often do you worry whether you left a light on when you leave for work in the morning? A home security system with integrated home automation offers you the option to adjust your home’s temperature, even when you’re on a trip halfway across the globe. Keep track of when your front door opens, turn off lights to save energy, and lock your doors on your smartphone. A non-standard schedule will help keep burglars guessing as to whether you’re home or not, and you can be sure your home is secure no matter where you are. As an added benefit, home automation with your home security system will allow you to reduce energy usage when no one is home, lowering your utility bill and your energy footprint.

Home Surveillance Monitoring

When you have your home security system connected to a monitoring service, you stand to greatly reduce the amount of loss if a burglar is still gutsy enough to break into your home. You can get alerts via text or email for any activity at your home, and you can rest assured that the authorities were sent to your home as quickly as possible. This cuts down on the time a burglar has to do damage and increases the odds they’ll be caught before they can flee the scene. In addition, a monitored system could end up saving lives! A connected smoke detector system helps ensure that authorities are alerted quickly and that everyone gets out of the home swiftly when a fire starts.


If you need help deciding which features will best protect your home, contact the home security system experts at Destin Locksmithing today to get started!