If you run a quick internet search, you can probably find myriad editorial articles in which homeowners expound on why home security systems are or are not worth the price you pay. With so many opinions, it can be hard to wade through to the facts. So, before you take the word of the first search result you find, see how these statistics weigh in to help you decide whether installing a home security system with cameras in your Panama City Beach home is worth it.

Visual Deterrents

First and foremost, home security cameras, and home security systems in general, are a great visual deterrent to thieves. According to a study conducted by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, roughly one third of burglars take the time to collect information about a target before striking, and nearly 60 percent said the presence of an alarm system was enough to make them seek out a different target.

Help Your Neighbors Too

A Rutgers University study actually shows that a home security system not only helps you, but it reduces the crime rate overall in a neighborhood. And, as you might surmise, the more home security systems in a neighborhood, the more the crime rates drop.

Protect From More Than Theft

Installing home security cameras in your home can help your home’s security beyond burglary. When you leave for a business trip or vacation and there isn’t anyone at home, how many times do you find yourself wondering if you left a candle burning or turned the oven off? Home security systems with cameras can help you keep an eye on your home from afar so you can protect your home against destruction from things like fire or flooding and minimize property loss.

Save a Life


When you choose a home security system with monthly monitoring, you’ll get a quick response in the event of theft or disasters to your Panama City Beach home. But, in addition to those services, many home surveillance systems offer life monitoring services which means you’ll also get the peace of mind that, if something were to happen to you or a loved one in your home, you could get help quickly.

Spend Money to Save Money

Yes, thanks to our barter economy, you do have to pay for service in order to have a home security system that offers some of the protections we’ve mentioned above. However, the cost of a home security system, with or without cameras, is balanced out by what it could save you. Not only will a home security system help prevent against burglary or destruction, but this Temple University study concludes that if a home is burglarized with a security system in place, the loss is much lower than a home that does not have an alarm.

If you’re ready to protect your Panama City Beach home from theft, fire damage, flooding, and more, it’s time to contact Destin Locksmithing. You can learn more about our home security system here, or give us a call for more information!