1. Is Your Lock Secure? 5 Tips for Preventing Lock Bumping

    When it comes to lock security, just about any lock that requires a key—and many that don’t—can easily become a target for opportunists and thieves. And thanks to online stores, it can be easy to discreetly acquire a lock picking kit or the tools necessary for lock bumping. At Destin Locksmithing, our aim is to help you protect your Panama City Beach or Destin home. Here are a few ways you c…Read More

  2. Business Security: Protecting Your Store and Assets

    Home is usually where we keep the things most valuable to us—whether it’s priceless art, precious memories, or anything in between. And since so many valuable things get stored at home, we all make an effort to secure our homes as best as possible. Now think about the number of assets you have at your business. Are you making the same level of effort to protect your business and all the assets…Read More

  3. Let’s Talk Transponders: How Car Locks Work

    The remote keyless entry system for cars has been a standard feature for almost 30 years, long enough that it’s hard to imagine our lives without this convenience. Think about it for a moment - how often have you beeped your key fob at your car through a window or across the parking lot because you forgot to lock the doors? In the more modern iterations, you don’t even need to turn a key in th…Read More

  4. Choosing Which Home Security System to Buy

    When it comes to home security, you want to keep your loved ones, your pets, and all your treasured memories as safe as possible. An average of two million break-ins happen a year, according to the Bureau of Justice, which means there is ample reason to do what you can to protect your home. As we discussed in a previous blog, home security systems are a great way to protect your home for multiple …Read More

  5. What to do When a Keyless Entry Isn’t Working

    How often have you had to call a locksmith out to your home (or an auto locksmith out to your car) because you inadvertently left your keys at home or locked them somewhere unreachable? For so many people across the country, keyless entry and keyless ignition vehicles have become a blessing because you can simply toss your keys into your purse or pocket and get going. Well, if you’re one of thos…Read More

  6. Keeping your Home Safe While on Vacation

    When you go on vacation, the idea, generally, is to enjoy every minute of your time and relax as much as possible. Right? For most, vacations are planned to enjoy quality time with family or friends, to experience somewhere new, and to let the stressors of work melt into a little mental pile you can sweep up and throw away. If you spend the entirety of your vacation worrying about something awful …Read More

  7. Keyless Entry and Other Business Security

    Whether you own a restaurant, a small tax filing service, or a high-tech startup, your business needs protection beyond that of a standard residential residence. A properly installed deadbolt, particularly when accompanied by a home security system, is a great way to keep your family and your home goods safe. However, most businesses call for a higher level of security than even that. If you own a…Read More

  8. History of Love Locks

    Through the centuries, humanity has come up with myriad ways to show our love for one another. We have stacks upon stacks of poetry from writers through the ages striving to put down just the right combination of words to describe their love and convey the depth of their emotions. There are lengthy novels all about the extraordinary love story between two seemingly ordinary individuals. There are …Read More

  9. Hairpin Lock Picking – Is it Possible?

    How many movies, spy or otherwise, have you seen a femme fatale pull a hairpin from her intricate updo to open the door to a restricted area? This movie trope feels like it’s so overdone and, with the technology available today, can make a movie feel outdated if it’s not done well. But that does beg the question: how much of that is movie hype and how much of that is fiction? Read on to learn …Read More

  10. Debunking The “Do Not Duplicate” Myth

    In your lifetime, you’ve probably seen at least one key stamped “Do Not Duplicate” or “No Replications.” They are most prevalent for key sets handed out by property managers or rental companies for apartments or other rental properties. And, unfortunately for renters, those companies like to charge an arm and a leg to replace a misplaced key, even if it was something accidental like your…Read More